Begin on the Right Foot

When it comes to your child’s feet, choosing their shoes is both a fashion selection and a practical matter. At Chicco, our footwear goes further, enhancing ideal growth right from the start.

Chicco Footwear

From the moment they make their first footprints to rambunctious games of tag, your child’s feet carry them as they grow and explore the world. At Chicco, we take seriously the task of protecting tiny toes from impacts and the elements, while providing stable support to foster proper motor development.

Form Follows Function

Blending the physiological innovations of Chicco researchers and the trend-setting style of Chicco’s Italian designers, our footwear is as ergonomically ideal as it is fashion forward. Crafted from natural materials to be lightweight and flexible, Chicco shoes encourage full freedom of movement and optimal breathability.

Designed To Enhance

While barefoot or a soft covering of leather is best for early explorations, when wearing Chicco’s soled shoes your child’s feet will be cradled in a way that both protects and encourages correct development. Chicco researchers have designed an insole system which continuously stimulates your child’s sole, to strengthen muscles and improve posture.

Chicco sole design
Chicco Footwear
Chicco Footwear

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Chicco shoes are designed in Italy and are only available through the website.