Bottle Nipple Features Bottle Nipple Features
Adjustable Flow


For 4 through 6 months

Upright, straight nipple

At this stage in their development, four-month-olds generally have good head and neck control when sitting while supported. The angled nipple is replaced with a more upright nipple to adapt to this change in feeding position.

Adjustable flow nipple

As babies continue to grow, so does their appetite and the strength of their sucking action. The Stage Two adjustable flow nipple is perfect for this transitional stage in feeding development. You can adjust the flow rate depending on how you position the nipple in your baby's mouth. There are three positions indicated on the nipple base: position 1 is slow, 2 is medium and 3 opens the widest for a faster flow. Simply place nipple in baby's mouth with the desired number closest to baby's chin.

Ergonomic shape

The NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding System was also designed with parents in mind. The bottles are ergonomically shaped so they are comfortable and easy to hold. The wider mouth is easy to fill so there is less waste and less mess when prepping. Cleaning the bottle is easier, too.

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