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Newborn Flow
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For newborn through 4 months

Easy transition between breast and bottle

All NaturalFit® nipples are made of extra-soft, supple silicone to feel more like the breast, which is ideal for newborns. The natural shape and texture of the nipples are designed for the easy transition between breast and bottle.

Unique angled nipple

The Stage One NaturalFit® nipple with its unique angle and wide, rounded base fulfills specific needs of the newborn. The angle of the nipple encourages proper positioning and neck support of baby for feeding. This angle also keeps the nipple full of milk, helping to reduce the chance of baby swallowing air. Excess air ingestion can cause tummy upset.

Two flow rates

The wide, rounded base is designed for the way newborns latch onto the breast with their lips well-opened. Two flow rates are available for this stage: newborn (0m+) to start and medium (2m+) for growing appetites.

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BPA Free. Clinically Tested. Made in Italy.