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Goodnight Baby


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Goodnight Baby is the first projector panel that meets the needs of all young children throughout the different growth phases. At 0 months, the projection of light effects accompanied by New Age tunes, create the right relaxing atmosphere to comfort babies. At 6 months the little elf becomes a baby's best friend during sleep time. His little hat illuminates and acts as the perfect night-light. At 18 months, it helps to create a bed-time ritual, thanks to the combination of the light effects and the presence of the cuddly elf that watches over his little friend throughout the night. The sound sensor switches on the light in the elf's hat to reassure babies when they wake up and start crying.

  • A charming night light that soothes your baby to sleep with an enchanting light show of stars and peaceful melodies
  • The little elf detaches from the projector base and can accompany your baby to bed
  • A sound sensor switches on the light in the elf's hat to reassure baby if he starts crying
  • Requires: 3 x AA and 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Age: 0M+
Goodnight Stars
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