Can't Thank Chicco Enough

Dear Chicco,

I'm writing to thank you for a good product. Earlier this week I was involved in a low speed, head-on collision. My 8-week old baby was in the vehicle in his rear facing carseat using the anchor straps on the base. My wife and I were both temporarily knocked out and recieved bruises, burns and muscle strains but our baby survived perfectly unharmed (verified at the hospital). We can't thank your company enough and will definately spread the news of your products safety.

Best Regards,
Chris B.

Safe, Wonderful Products

Hello Chicco,

On Sunday, October 7, 2012, I was in a severe accident along with my two sons. We were struck by a car that ran a red light. My 8-month old was in a Chicco KeyFit (22-lb.) and suffered no major injuries, even with the side curtain airbags that deployed. We are all fine. He is fine. I credit this to the safety of your wonderful products. There was over $22,000 in damages to my minivan, and we were all able to walk away. I can't say enough good things about your carseats. Attached are pictures of the damage to the car. Due to a safe vehicle, safe carseats, and seatbelts things turned out much better than they could have. Thank you Chicco for keeping my son safe!

Kristen H.

Compliments from First Responders

Dear Chicco,

I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for making such quality products. My daughter and I were in a serious car accident yesterday, and she was untouched in the KeyFit 30. Below I attached a picture of my car. We received compliments from the fire department, police officer, and medics on how great the car seat is, and that it worked perfectly due to proper installation. We are unable to use it anymore, so we went out first thing this morning and purchased the same one, because we have no doubts that it will work again if we need it to. Thanks again. The KeyFit 30 travel system saved my daughter's life.

Thank you,
Jessica H.

Safe, Wonderful Products

Hello Chicco,

On Sunday, October 7, 2012, I was in a severe accident along with my two sons. We were struck by a car that ran a red light. My 8-month old was in a Chicco KeyFit (22-lb.) and suffered no major injuries, even with the side curtain airbags that deployed. We are all fine. He is fine. I credit this to the safety of your wonderful products. There was over $22,000 in damages to my minivan, and we were all able to walk away. I can't say enough good things about your carseats. Attached are pictures of the damage to the car. Due to a safe vehicle, safe carseats, and seatbelts things turned out much better than they could have. Thank you Chicco for keeping my son safe!

Kristen H.

KeyFit 30 Kept My Baby Safe

Dear Chicco,

My son and I were in a car accident last night. A box truck didn't see us in the right lane and came over on us. Luckily my son was securely strapped in his car seat- the Chicco KeyFit 30 Midori. I did a lot of research before I chose his car seat, and ultimately chose Chicco. No one ever wants to be involved in any car accident, let alone an accident with their child in the car. I couldn't be more grateful with my choice and the quality of his car seat. I want to thank Chicco for making such good products and keeping my baby safe!

Lauren Y.

Invaluable Protection

Dear Chicco,

I was rear ended into another car almost a year ago with my precious girl in the backseat. The impact was so severe that the door on her side almost had to be pried open. She was in her Chicco car seat, and I am so glad and fortunate that she was. The car was totalled, and I sustained a serious whiplash injury and am still not fully recovered almost a year later, but she was checked out by both a doctor and a chiropractor, and was/is totally fine! I thank God and thank you, Chicco, for protecting my baby!

Jessica V.

Might Not Have Been So Lucky

Dear Chicco,

I don't have an issue with my carseat, I just wanted to say Thank You! I got into a car accident a few months ago with my 9 month old baby. It left the car totaled and me in the hospital for a week. My daughter was OK-- she was perfect, nothing had happened to her. That day I didn't even have the base installed because we were constantly switching cars and I had to leave in a hurry, so I just used it the way when you use the seatbelt around the seat and fasten it that way. When we had the accident, her carseat never moved-- never, even without the base. I originally purchased a Graco car seat for her, but she was born early so my husband bought the Chicco Keyfit 30, and I am glad he did. I just wanted to let you know, whoever is reading this, that Chicco is doing an excellent job and that if it wasn't for your car seat, my daughter might not have been so lucky.

Thank you!
Leah L.

Pleased to Report

Hello, Chicco!

I am writing to say how grateful my husband and I are for our Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat (we do have the whole travel system as well). I was involved in an auto accident earlier this week, with our 5.5mo old daughter in her Keyfit 30 seat in the back seat of the car. We were rear ended and I was terrified that something might have happened to our daughter. I am pleased to report that she is absolutely fine! We replaced the carseat, per MI law that it can't be used after being in a collision, and of course we bought the exact same seat again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Aron, Sarah and Hadley B.

A Reliable and Safe Product

Dear Chicco,

I just wanted to say thank you for making a reliable and safe product. This weekend my family, including my 10 month old, were in a horrible car accident in which our car flipped over on to its roof with the tail end landing in a tree after being struck by another driver. During this ordeal my daughter remained strapped into her Key Fit 30 Car Seat and the unit stayed in place in its base right where we installed it. She came out perfect, without a scratch on her. We truly believe that her car seat saved her life. Due to the severity of the accident we have to replace her car seat and base and have decided we'll be purchasing another Chicco brand seat. Again, I just wanted to extend our sincerest thanks for developing such a quality product. We'll be sure to recommend Chicco to all our friends and family with little ones. I've included a picture from the accident - as you can see it was traumatic and the car seat truly did its job! 

Thank you,
Danielle O.

Saved Our Son's Life

Dear Chicco,

My husband and I feel compelled to write to you to let you know what happened to our family recently. Two days ago a drunk driver going over 100 mph struck our small car from behind on the interstate and sent our car on a football field-sized skid and caused us to flip three times before we finally landed. Our 10-week old little boy was in his Chicco carseat in the backseat. The backseat had been crushed in and the sunroof and back window busted out; when we looked at our little boy, his carseat was propped on top of our headrests. Amazingly, our car was destroyed and the two of us suffered minor injuries, but our sweet boy has not a scratch or bruise on him! His seat did not even suffer a dent or a scratch. We are horrified at what could have happened had your product not worked perfectly, and cannot express our gratitude for saving our precious boy's life. This seat is definitely worth the cost; hopefully we will be able to afford another as we, of course, will have to replace it as soon as possible.

Thanks again from your biggest fans,
Paul and Heather W.

In the Blink of an Eye

Dear Chicco,

Words cannot begin to describe the events that happened to my family today. It was a typical Thursday until my truck took a terrible beating when it spun out of control after hitting slick, slippery, muddy roads! As my truck slid into a tree, it then spun around until it's other side was now facing the wooded area, where we then proceded to flip over until it was sitting upside down. I said all of that to say this; Your carseat and base SAVED MY DAUGHTERS LIFE! My husband was actually traveling right behind me, so he was the first on the scene and helped us out of the truck. He said that her seat had not moved a single INCH! On behalf of my whole family, I want to say, GOD BLESS you for creating a product that does its job! Today, it spared my family from a horrible tragedy. We will forever be grateful to you! May the Lord find great favor in your company for all the hard work you put into making a product that is QUALITY!

All our love and gratitude,
The Lord Family

Thanks for Great Products

Dear Chicco,

Hello. I just wanted to say how much I love the Chicco brand. My sister's son was in a car accident when he was an infant. He was in the Chicco car seat and was 100% protected. He didn't even have a scratch. I am now pregnant with twin boys, and I wouldn't trust anything more. I love the patterns you have, and I can feel totally comfortable using your line knowing my babies will be safe. Thanks for all the good work!

Very satisfied customer,
Amanda M.

Scared But Completely Unharmed

Dear Chicco,

I am the owner of a Chicco Key Fit car seat, which we are still using for my 9 month old daughter. Earlier this week, we were in a car accident, where a large commercial van hit our car on the rear passenger side, which is where my baby was strapped into her car seat. Her door was crushed in (and in fact, the car was totaled) so that we could only get to her from the other side. But, she was sitting safely in her car seat, scared but completely unharmed. I am amazed and so grateful for how well your product worked, keeping my baby safe. Thank you thank you thank you for making such a high quality product. I immediately went out and replaced her car seat with the exact same model and have told all moms that I know that they too should invest in a Chicco car seat.

Thank you,
Jennifer A.

Travel System Dreams Come True

Dear Chicco,

I wanted to thank you for providing us with the BEST stroller & carseat I have ever used! I am a mom of four and have used other brands in the past. Within weeks we had problems and would purchase up to three strollers a year... but not in this case! I was given the Chicco Travel System for my shower, and have honestly bragged about it to all the parents and expecting parents I come across. I am soon purchasing one for my expecting sister-in-law. So great, thanks to you...Thank You! Thank You! 

Sincerely, a very happy customer, 
Stephanie C.

From Out of Nowhere

Dear Chicco,

This past Wednesday I was on my way home from picking up my 7 mth old son Rocco from my mothers house when from out of nowhere a speeding truck ran through a stop sign and hit us so hard that my car twirled and hit a fence/pole. I pushed on the bent door frame and went to the back seat to check on my baby and he was crying up a storm. Fearful of the car catching fire because of the smoke I was able to remove my child in his carseat from the base very easily. The paramedics arrived and assessed our injuries and we went to the emergency room. I was held back in the ER while my son was taken to the pediatrics ER. After calming down and being released for minor injuries I ran to where m y son was and to my surprise found him sitting in one of the ER cribs laughing and playing.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a wonderful car seat. I believe that seat saved his life and kept him from injury. In the ER the doctors praised us for having such a great seat that did the job it was meant to do and said they wished they could see more babies come through their ER in such great care. They said it was rare for them to see that.

My insurance has agreed to replace the seat but even if they had not we would still go out and buy your car seat again. I hope my story encourages more parents to keep their babies in carseats. So many times I have driven and seen children sitting on parents laps without restraints. I will recommend your seat to every new mommy I know.

Thank you again.
Teri Y.

Safely Hanging Upside Down


I've had your carseat about 2 years now. I used it for my first child and now my second child has been using it. I recommend it to everyone b/c it is strong, sturdy, safe, and easy to install the base. I've always felt good about it. But yesterday really solidified the quailty of your product.

My children and I were on our way for a weeks vacation and someone ran a red light. They hit us on the drivers side and my 7 month old was in her car seat behind me. We rolled two or three times and landed on the hood of the car. My daughter didn't budge from the seat and wasn't tossed around the car. She was safely hanging upside down when the firemen got us out. She had no injuries. I just want to thank you for making such a quality product. I believe after such a horrific accident that I have to get rid or the carseats and purchase new ones but I will make sure that everyone knows what a wonderful job it did.

Thank you!
Jennifer B.

I Was Shaking And Crying

Dear Chicco USA,

Last Friday I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. As I was driving home from a friends house with my four month old daughter in the car, I was rear-ended in a 3 car pile up. As my daughter let out the loudest scream from the back seat, I was shaking and crying! The crash was so loud and scary I was so afraid to look in the back to see what might have happened. To my surprise my daughter was shaken up a bit, but not harmed in any way! Although I know that God kept us safe (one of the other ladies went to the hospital right away), I also know that my Chicco (KeyFit 30 in Adventure) car seat saved my daughters life. I really liked the car seat before, but now I love it!

Thank you so much for making such safe products.

Alexis H.

Saved Our Baby Girl

I would like Chicco to know our story . . .

When I found out I was pregnant last February, my life changed. I knew life was going to be better but I didn't realize how much better. I knew she was going to be tough cookie from the moment I took that pregnancy test. I was in the ER 7 times. Each ultrasound and test showed how healthy she was and how well she was growing even though I had lost almost 20 pounds. Then I went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl named Alexis Mia on October 19, 2008. I fell in love the minute I heard that first cry. Everyone talks about how you will love your kids and I see how much my mom loves me but it is 100000000 times more when you have your child in your arms. I never knew this happiness or love even existed. And to see her with my husband will bring you to tears. She is our world.

During the pregnancy we looked at least 5 different times at strollers, car seats, and travel systems. I knew I didn't like the Graco ones that some people recommended. They just did not feel sturdy or comfortable. I liked the quality that the Chicco strollers and car seats displayed. It also had such an ease of use to it. One click in and out.. My husband and I knew this was the one. I found it at Buy Buy Baby which was brand new to the Chicagoland area so they did not have a lot of colors in stock. They had to order it directly from Chicco. It arrived quickly and we used it as soon as we got home from the hospital. Even after my c-section, I had no problem opening the stroller or clicking in the car seat.

On March 21, 2009, a drunk driver t-boned us at 50 mph and totaled our car. As I sit here writing this and crying, I am so thankful that these are happy tears thanks to Chicco. I could be saying how wonderful Lexi was or what a happy baby she was but instead I am saying that we are going to our first swim class next week. She not only survived this horrible mess but didn't even get a scratch on her. CHICCO...THANK YOU!!! You saved our baby girl. My husband and I know what could've happened if you hadn't made such a quality product. It sickens me to think that we would have had to live even 1 day without her.

A few days after the accident, I called Chicco and spoke with a very nice lady named Ginny and asked for the "thank you department". I needed to let Chicco know what they meant to us and how grateful we were to them for protecting our child. We trusted them and they came thru for us. I also asked if they made car seats in my size since I was the one who got the worst of the accident. I was joking, but it would have been nice.

One of the other things that impressed me was that Ginny said she would speak to her engineers about this crash. I was pleased to know that the information from our accident could help save other children's lives.

I sometimes read testimonials and think which employee did they have write that. This is a true and real story. Please, as you are registering for your baby, go with Chicco. It is worth every cent that we spent on it. Please tell your friends and family to buy Chicco.

Please remember my tough little cookie, Lexi and how Chicco saved her life.

The Mohr Family

Stayed Sleeping in Her Car Seat

Dear Chicco,

Our family would like to thank you for making such a great carseat. We purchased the KeyFit Travel System and had our local children's hospital install it for us. We were on the way home from the hospital 3 days after delivering our baby girl via C-section. A car cut us off and turned right in front of us. We crashed head on into the car at approximately 35 mph. The airbags deployed and gas began pouring out of the car. Our baby girl, Shaynan, stayed sleeping in her car seat the entire time. When local EMT & Fire Rescue came the the scene they were confident that our newborn would be okay based upon her car seat. We were rushed to the emergency room by ambulance. The ER pediatricians said your car seat saved her life. She didn't have a scratch on any part of her body. Our family is so thankful to your company! All new parents should trust CHICCO for their baby car seat.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Boardman Family

The Stroller Flew Over

Dear Chicco,

I just want to send a note of appreciation about the stroller that saved my daughter. I bought your Chicco's travel stroller/car seat set 18months ago. I have always loved this product and have given recommendations to friends and strangers about how great a travel set it is.


Just yesterday, 2/18/09, I was out with my daughter for our morning walk, using the Chicco stroller. As we were crossing the street a car turned the corner and crashed into the stroller where my daughter had fallen asleep during our walk. The stroller flew over and I held on with all my might to keep it from flipping over. To say the least I was extremely upset and shaken by the accident. We were both checked out in the ER and we are OK, no physical injury. I have said repeatedly "Thank God I had her in THAT stroller! If she had been in any other stroller things would have turned out much different!"

I truly believe that the stroller helped saved my daughter's life! I will continue to tell my friends and strangers how great your product is and if they want to make sure their children are safe and secure buy a Chicco product!

Thank you,
Lesley S.

Holiday Miracle

Dear Chicco,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for an excellent product. I proudly gave birth to my first baby, little Soren Paul, on Christmas Eve. He weighed 8 lbs 15 oz at birth, and I adore him.

On January seventh, fourteen day old Soren and I were rear ended on our way to my mom's house. I stopped to let an emergency vehicle through an intersection, and the car behind me didn't. Upon impact, Soren let out a little yelp, a short cry, and then I experienced the most terrifying silence of my life. Pulling out of the intersection, trembling and crying, I ran around my car to check on my baby boy, fully expecting to see my baby boy bleeding to death in the back seat of my car. I opened the passenger door to see that Soren - unharmed and barely disturbed - had fallen peacefully back to sleep in his super comfy, super safe, Chicco infant car seat. He proceeded to sleep soundly for an hour afterward, on the side of a busy major road, while police processed the accident.

I couldn't help but write you to thank you for all your hard work, keeping babies like mine safe. No one ever imagines they might be in a serious car wreck only two weeks after having a baby. I am so glad to have had your excellent product, and will confidently purchase Chicco products in the future.

I cannot thank you enough for keeping the most precious thing in the world safe.

Sarah H.

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