When to Buy Their
First Shoes?

During the first few months, children’s feet act as an important sensory organ that receives information from the surrounding environment. The bones have not completely formed yet so the feet can easily deform. This is why it is recommended to allow children to remain barefoot as much as possible: during this growth phase, shoes respond to the need to protect the feet from cold and impact. The very first structured shoes are used during the crawling phase and when children start to walk.


What Should Shoes Be Like?

Good shoes must always be comfortable and flexible and not cramp the feet, they need to have a shape that can create maximum freedom of movement for both the feet and toes. They must be lightweight so they do not overload the feet or tire the muscles. Shoes should be made of materials that allow the feet to breathe and gently stimulate the sole of the foot. Shoes must fit correctly giving the proper proportion between the heel and the sole to help improve their posture, making their first steps easier and they must NOT have anatomic arch supports until children are at least 3-4 years of age.