Play & Relax

Naptime is Right Around the Corner

There's nothing quite like a little motion to help soothe your baby. Rocking, bouncing, swaying, swinging -  all gentle movements that cradle and caress, eliciting smiles and calming fussy moments. Chicco embraces this idea with rockers and swings that both settle and delight your baby, allowing you a few hands-free moments. The result: a bit of extra bliss.

  • Polly Swing

    Polly Swing

    Engage your baby with lights, toys, and remote-controlled sounds. Soothing swinging and vibrating motions.
  • I-feel Rocker

    I-feel Rocker

    Entertain and comfort your baby, with our stylish rocker. Includes mp3 player hookup.
  • Jolie Soothing Bouncer

    Jolie Soothing Bouncer

    Place your baby in a cozy environment for play and relaxation