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Chicco Patents

The products listed below contain patents held by Artsana USA, Inc. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Keyfit / Keyfit 30 / Keyfit Base: 8,864,166B2; 7,597,396B2; 8,056,975C1; 8,915,547B2; D653,885S; 8,393,679B2

Cortina Stroller: 8,864,166B2; 7,686,322B2; 8,262,124B2

Cortina Magic: 7,686,322B2; D651,140S

KidFit: 7,597,396B2; 8,056,975C1

Liteway Plus: 8,240,700B2; 9,114,820B1

Tre: D687,352S; Patent Pending

Activ3: D687,352S

Cortina Together: 8,186,705 B2; D636,300S; D651,140S

Lullaby Magic: D666,848S; 8,544,125B2

Trevi / Neuvo: 7,621,431B2; 8,100,429B2; 8,382,127B2

Keyfit Caddy: D651,140S

NextFit: 8,973,884B1

Bravo Stroller: 8,991,854, B2

Stroller Restraint Buckle (various models): 8,991,867, B2

Play Yard Accessory: 9,066,607 B1

Lullaby Magic, Lullaby Baby, Lullaby Dream Bassinet: 9,113,723B2

Lullago: Patent Pending

Stack High Chair: Patent Pending

Duo Baby Bottle: Patent Pending