Happy Babies, Happier World!

The Happiness Lab

The Osservatorio Chicco Baby Research Center, also known as our Happiness Lab, brings together top researchers dedicated to the study of child development from birth to three years. As the world's favorite baby care brand, we take the happiness of children seriously.

Chicco Happiness Lab

With 50+ years of baby expertise, the researchers at our Happiness Lab collaborate with experts in childhood development to create products that feed the needs of babies and parents. They observe, analyze, and gather data to better understand babies and what makes them happy when they sleep, eat and play.

Chicco is THE baby specialist, creating products that meet the needs of babies as they grow. Drawing on the expertise of parents as well as child educators, Chicco developers blend real world knowledge with cutting-edge research, discovering the ideal colors for a toy, the perfect shape of a nipple, the best ergonomics of a stroller, or the definitive safety of a baby seat.

About Chicco

Chicco (pronounced kee-ko) was founded in 1958 by Pietro Catelli after his first son, Enrico, was born. Nicknamed Chicco by his father, he became the inspiration for the company that soon became a household name in Italy. Today, Chicco is a global brand that stands for excellence in baby and childcare. Still family-run, Chicco is now in more than 120 countries throughout six continents. To learn more about Chicco in the United States visit Chiccousa.com.