Bottle Nipple Features Bottle Nipple Features
Fast Flow


For beyond 6 months

Less rounded base

The Stage Three NaturalFit® nipple is designed to support a strong sucking motion and baby's bigger appetite. The base of the nipple is smaller and less rounded for tighter lip support which is required for good sucking action.

Elongated nipple

The tip of the nipple is elongated and elastic to adapt to baby's advancing muscle development. A longer nipple encourages correct swallowing as baby's suck-swallow pattern becomes more efficient. The nipple has multiple holes for a faster flow rate. A Y-cut nipple is also available for introducing thicker liquids.

Ergonomic shape

The NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding System was also designed with parents in mind. The bottles are ergonomically shaped so they are comfortable and easy to hold. The wider mouth is easy to fill so there is less waste and less mess when prepping. Cleaning the bottle is easier, too.

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