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Sleeping Close to Your Newborn

Close To You Bedside Bassinet

From the moment you are home with your precious newborn little boy or girl, you just can’t get enough of those baby snuggles. In the first few days and weeks with your baby, you want to keep them close to you at all times -- whether you are cradling them in your arms while feeding, wearing them in an infant carrier or keeping a watchful eye over them while they sleep.

Especially during the night, parents want to keep their child within arms reach – to feed, soothe and watch over them. Your newborn baby is also reassured by your presence and closeness to help them feel calm and safe (and to pop that pacifier back in when needed!)

What is Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping with a newborn is the practice of parents staying close to their baby during the night, especially during the early months of the baby’s life. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) actually recommends that infants should sleep in their parents’ room, close to their parents’ bed but in their own sleep space for at least 6 months but preferably a year.

Is Co-Sleeping Safe?

Sleeping close to your baby can have many advantages and benefits, but it is important to note that not all co-sleeping practices are considered to be safe. Safe co-sleeping means you stay close to your baby in the same room, but everyone is in their own dedicated sleeping space. It is fine to bring your baby into the big bed for feeding and cuddles, but afterwards, you should always put your baby back in their own sleeping space. Having your baby sleep in the same bed with you may not just be uncomfortable, but also dangerous and is strongly discouraged.

So, where should your newborn sleep for their first few months of life? It is important for your baby to have their own dedicated sleeping area which can be placed next to your bed. For safety reasons, improvised or do-it-yourself solutions are not recommended. The Close To You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet is a convenient, helpful solution. This bedside sleeper offers a range of height adjustments to fit over beds and mesh side panels for reassuring closeness and airflow. The Lullago Anywhere Bassinet is another option that’s just the right size for your newborn’s first months. It features a firm, flat sleep surface and mesh side panels for visibility and airflow. The lightweight design, compact footprint and convenient carry bag provide restful sleep – for you and your baby – at home and away.

What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

According to experts, sleeping next to your baby is encouraged and has a number of benefits, both for you and your little one. Below are some of the advantages of co-sleeping:

  • Helps baby establish a proper sleep-wake cycle
  • Strengthens the parent-child relationship
  • Calms and reassures parents and baby
  • Makes caring for baby easier
  • Helps facilitate feeding

While you may not always be able to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” getting adequate rest is important for you and your baby. Utilizing a bedside bassinet in your bedroom can help you take advantage of the benefits of safe co-sleeping. For more sleep resources, review these safe sleep recommendations from the AAP.

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