Chicco Feeding Products

Feeding & Soothing

Our feeding and soothing products support your family from the very beginning with revolutionary hybrid baby bottles, bottle warmers & sterilizers for easy feeding prep, pacifiers that support baby’s oral development and breathing, and toddler feeding & sippy cups for every age and stage.

Infant Feeding

Check out our premium, award-winning hybrid baby bottles and a wide range of accessories to help make cleaning, prepping and feeding your baby’s bottle an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

Pacifiers & Soothing

Developed with leading orthodontists and neonatologists and backed by science, our orthodontic pacifiers actively support baby’s breathing and oral development, while stylish clips and loveys keep them close-at-hand.

Toddler Feeding

For less mess at home or on the go, shop our collection of spill-free sippy cups and portable silicone tableware below.

Sippy Cup & Orthodontic Pacifier FAQs

There is no direct research that correlates the use of sippy cups with improper speech development. However, any type of extended overuse of soothing tools, drinking tools, or pacifiers that have a hard spout for an extended amount of time could cause signs of speech delay.

Orthodontic pacifiers have a rounded top and a flat bottom and are designed to support a baby's developing jaw and palate. Studies have shown that orthodontic pacifiers may cause less open bite or overbite issues than traditional round pacifiers.

Most parents start introducing a sippy cup at around 4-6 months. Once your little one starts eating solid foods (usually around the 4-6 month mark), it’s safe to introduce a sippy cup filled with a few ounces of breastmilk or formula as part of their mealtime routine.