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The Easy-to-Clean Car Seat for Your Not-So-Tidy Toddler

Chicco Washable Fabrics image

Picture this: You’re in line at your favorite clothing store when you happen to glance at the tag on the clothing you want to purchase and see those dreaded three words: HAND WASH ONLY.

You immediately give the shirt back to the dressing room attendant and walk out the door. Why? Because no parent has the time or desire to hand wash or dry clean their clothes! You want to be able to throw it in the washer along with dirty bibs and stained shirts and be confident that it won’t come out two sizes too small or a different color.

Think of your toddler’s car seat as that shirt. They “wear” it every day. They probably eat or drink in it on a regular basis and there’s a good possibility that some sort of bodily fluid will make it onto that car seat at one point or another (and another… and another). So how do you combat the potentially endless mess of a toddler? You need a convertible car seat that doesn’t have the “HAND WASH ONLY” tag on it. Here’s where Chicco comes in.

You’ll be on the hunt for a convertible car seat as your little one approaches the weight and height limits of their infant car seat. The rear-to-forward-facing convertibility lends itself to extended use, meaning it could be the car seat that your little one uses for the longest amount of time and in turn, it could become the dirtiest. That’s why Chicco offers NextFit®, an entire line of convertible car seats that all feature easily removable and machine-washable fabrics.


Options within the NextFit® line allow you to pick and choose the comfort and convenience add-ons that suit your needs and lifestyle. If an easy-to-clean car seat is one of your top priorities, consider the NextFit Zip®, NextFit Zip® Air or the NextFit Zip® Max. As the names suggest, all 3 models feature seat pads that are completely removable thanks to a functional (and stylish) zipper that follows the perimeter of the car seat.

It didn’t take long for you to realize how easy it was to remove the fabrics and throw them in the washer (in cold water on the delicate setting). You’ll also find that the NextFit Zip® fabrics are just as easy to reattach as they were to remove by following these simple steps:

  1. Place the seat pad back on top of the car seat and secure it around the release button
  2. Thread the crotch strap through the appropriate slot
  3. Zip the seat pad all the way around and snap the backrest into place
  4. Reattach the crotch strap pad and shoulder pads

How-to Videos

Visit our YouTube channel to watch a fool-proof, step-by-step instructional video for both removing and replacing NextFit Zip® car seat fabrics/seat pads. Review the manual for your specific car seat for helpful instructions on proper care for washing the fabrics and other components of the car seat.

In addition to removable and machine-washable fabrics, the NextFit Zip® Air features a 3D AirMesh backrest for breathability. Upgrade to the NextFit Zip® Max and you’ll benefit from 25% more legroom* in rear-facing mode and extended calf support in forward-facing mode. Browse all NextFit® options to decide what convenience features are most important to you and your little one.

Safety is our priority

While these convenience add-ons are nice to have, safety is still our top priority at Chicco. We proudly believe our NextFit® convertible car seats are the easiest to install correctly every time thanks to several innovative ease-of-use features that are consistent across the line. For example, a SuperCinch® force-multiplying tightener and LockSure® belt-locking system make it easy to achieve a tight fit whether you install using LATCH or the vehicle seat belt. A 9-position ReclineSure® leveling system works in tandem with RideRight® bubble level-indicators to help ensure a proper fit in your vehicle, while a one-pull, no-rethread harness and 9-position headrest comfortably accommodate growth for your child. DuoGuard® side-impact protection and a steel-reinforced frame help protect your little one day in and day out.

Safety and convenience combine to make NextFit® an invaluable asset to your family – helping to keep your little one safe and make cleanup a breeze so you have more time to make memories with the people that matter most. So unlike that “HAND WASH ONLY” shirt you almost bought, there’ll be no second-guessing when you purchase a NextFit® convertible car seat with machine-washable fabrics. You’ll be thankful you did.

* than other NextFit® car seats