The Fit4 Stage 3 is designed to fit PRESCHOOLERS comfortably and correctly in Forward-Facing Harness Mode.

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Fit to Vehicle

For full details, refer to instruction manual
  • 1.Place your Fit4 Car Seat Forward-Facing within an approved vehicle seating position
  • 2.Recline the seat so the bubble is within the Stage 3 color range
  • 3.Secure your Fit4 to the vehicle using LATCH or Vehicle Belt, and install using the Top Tether.

Fit to Child

For full details, refer to instruction manual
  • 1.Ensure your FitKit is set-up correctly in Stage 3
  • 2.Loosen harness and position your PRESCHOOLER correctly within the Fit4
  • 3.Buckle and tighten the 5-Point harness
  • 4.Check your work - View instruction manual

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