Chicco Fit4 | Stage 4

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  • 1.Remove the Stage 1 Positioner, the Stage 2 Positioner and Stage 1 & 2 Headrest. Completely loosen Harness by pressing Harness Release Button on the front of the Child Restraint and pulling out on both of the Harness Straps as far as possible. Then unbuckle the Chest Clip and Harness Buckle.
  • 2.Lift the top backrest padding on the back of the seat.
  • 3.Undo both snap buttons on the lower Backrest Seat Pad and pull forward.
  • 4.Connect the Chest Clip together and slide it down to the buckle tongues. Insert the Chest Clip and the buckle tongues into the compartment at the bottom of the Seat Back.
  • 5.Unhook the hook and loop and remove Shoulder Pads.
  • 6.Remove the Crotch Strap Pad by pulling the fabric tongue up through the Crotch Strap opening (a). Push the Harness Buckle (b) down into the Crotch Strap pad and pull it up on the pad (c).
  • 7.Fully recline the seat (position 1). Slide the latch to the right and open the compartment (a). Turn metal bar slightly on underside of seat and get corner to go through slot (b). Push metal bar through slot while pulling crotch belt out (c).
  • 8.Remove the Crotch Strap from the slot and pull forward on the Seat pad to locate the Crotch Strap compartment below.
  • 9.To store the Crotch Strap, fit the Crotch Strap buckle into the Crotch Strap compartment with the release button facing up.

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