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Whether you’re still deciding which car seat to choose or you are an experienced car seat shopper and know what you're looking for – we've got you covered! We created this page to help our customers feel confident they can select the best car seat for their child. Luckily, every Chicco car seat is expertly engineered for comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Our world-class innovation and user-friendly touchpoints make our car seats easy to install and use. Start shopping for the best car seat to secure your infant or toddler.

Why Choose a Chicco Car Seat?

Chicco has been a trusted car seat brand for parents worldwide over the last 60 years, thanks to products like our top-rated KeyFit® Infant Car Seat. Innovative features like the RideRight bubble level indicators or the SuperCinch® force-multiplying LATCH tightener have made Chicco car seats the easiest to install accurately and securely – every time! Many of our car seats are designed to grow with your child through various stages of use for a more convenient and affordable option. Chicco is also committed to creating sustainable products that are gentler on the planet and your child.

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Infant Car Seats

Rear-Facing Only

Starting with that first trip home from the hospital, a rear-facing infant car seat cradles your new little one throughout all their earliest outings. An infant car seat is rear-facing only and consists of two parts – a removable carrier with adjustable handle and stay-in-car base. An additional, removable head and body support makes this an ideal car seat for newborns. Designed for easy portability, the car seat can go to and from the car, clicking directly into a stroller, without unbuckling or disturbing your baby. Chicco infant car seats are top-rated and built for everyday convenience, clicking directly into all Chicco travel system-ready strollers.

  • Consists of a carrier with adjustable handle and stay-in-car base
  • Securely installs in/out of stay-in-car base and strollers
  • Includes a removable newborn positioner
  • SuperCinch® Force-Multiplying LATCH tightener
  • Machine-washable fabrics
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Chicco Infant Car Seat

Rotating Convertible Car Seats

Rear-Facing + Forward-Facing

A rotating convertible car seat provides all the benefits of a convertible car seat with the added convenience of 360-degree rotation. The rotational feature allows you to turn the car seat to face your direction, providing an optimal experience to comfortably secure your child in the seat and just as comfortably remove them from the seat when your ride is complete. This child car seat is used in rear-facing mode for infants and toddlers and simply rotates to forward-facing when height or weight requirements are met. Rotating convertible car seats stay in the car. They do not click into strollers. The Chicco Fit360 ClearTex® Rotating Convertible Car Seat is designed with the innovative LeverLock Self-Tensioning Lock System for a confident, stable vehicle belt installation.

  • DuoGuard® head and torso protection
  • LeverLock Self-Tensioning Lock System
  • Quick-Secure Harness System featuring a magnetic chest clip, flex-forward buckle, harness pockets, 15-position easy-adjust headrest and easy-flow harness
  • Includes a removable newborn positioner
  • Machine-washable fabrics
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Chicco Rotating Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seats

Rear-Facing + Forward-Facing

As your baby grows into a toddler, a convertible car seat helps you get ready to make the switch from rear-facing car seat to forward-facing car seat for use with children up to 65 pounds. This child car seat is used in rear-facing mode for infants and toddlers and converts to forward-facing when height or weight requirements are met as your child grows. Convertible car seats stay in the car as they do not click into a base or stroller. Chicco convertible car seats are designed to be easy to install and secure, with features like the ReclineSure leveling system and RideRight bubble levels that guide you to a perfect fit for your child.

  • DuoGuard® head and torso protection
  • Easy-extend headrest system
  • SuperCinch® Force-Multiplying LATCH tightener
  • Space-saving fit – fits three across in the backseat
  • Machine-washable fabrics
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Chicco Convertible Car Seat

All-In-One Car Seats

Rear-Facing + Forward-Facing + Booster

An all-in-one car seat is designed for easy transitions throughout all stages of your child’s car seat journey. Providing all the benefits of a convertible car seat, an all-in-one offers extended use through booster mode. These seats stay in the car as they do not click into a base or stroller. Chicco all-in-one car seats deliver premier fit and comfort for children between 4-100 pounds and up to 57 inches tall and give parents peace of mind for years to come!

  • DuoGuard® head and torso protection
  • SuperCinch® Force-Multiplying LATCH tightener
  • 4-position recline, 9-position headrest
  • LockSure® seat belt installation
  • Two space-saving CupFolders
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Chicco All-In-One Car Seat

Harness + Booster Car Seats

Forward-Facing + Booster

As your toddler grows into a big kid, a Harness + Booster car seat provides extended five-point harness security with built-in transition to a belt-positioning booster. Use the integrated 5-point harness until your child meets the height and weight requirements —and is at least 4 years old—to buckle up using the vehicle seat belt. Chicco harness booster car seat features like 4-position recline, integrated bubble levels and LATCH install make installation simple while the adjustable headrest system provides comfort and security for your growing child.

  • DuoGuard® head and torso protection
  • ErgoBoost® contoured seat with double-foam padding
  • 4-position recline, 9-position headrest
  • LockSure® seat belt installation
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Chicco Harness + Booster Car Seat

Booster Car Seats

High-Back Booster + Backless Booster

Once your big kid graduates from their five-point harness, give them the boost they need to use the vehicle seat belt safely and comfortably with a belt-positioning booster. To use a booster, children must be at least 4 years old, 40 pounds and 38 inches tall and can sit relatively still in the same seated position throughout the car ride. There are two types of belt-positioning booster seats – high-back and backless. A high-back booster offers head and torso protection plus belt guides to position the vehicle seat belt. A backless booster is a lightweight, portable option that positions your child so they can be properly secured by the vehicle seat belt. Chicco boosters feature an ErgoBoost® contoured seat with double foam padding and two dishwasher-safe cup holders.

  • DuoGuard® head and torso protection on high-back boosters
  • 10-position headrest on high-back boosters
  • ErgoBoost® contoured seat with double-foam padding
  • Two space-saving CupFolders
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Chicco Booster Car Seat

Car Seat Bases

All Chicco infant car seats come with one stay-in-car base and the option to purchase bases for additional vehicles separately. Designed for easy portability, the infant car seat can easily click in and out of the stay-in-car base without disturbing your baby. The Chicco Fit360 Rotating Convertible Car Seat also offers a separate base that can be installed in another vehicle, providing the convenience of transferring only the seat when you need to switch vehicles.

  • SuperCinch® Force-Multiplying LATCH tightener
  • ReclineSure leveling foot helps achieve proper base angle
  • RideRight bubble level-indicators verify base angle
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Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat Base

Car Seat FAQs

Car seat usage requirements are based on height, weight, and in some cases, minimum age. Whether you are choosing a car seat for a newborn or a big kid, it is always important to review and understand the usage requirements for that specific car seat.

There are two types of car seats that can be used for newborn through toddler (or even big kid) stage. A convertible car seat can be used in rear-facing mode for infants and toddlers and converts to forward-facing when height or weight requirements are met. An all-in-one car seat provides the same benefits as a convertible car seat with extended use through booster mode for bigger kids.

Every car seat and base has an expiration date assigned by the manufacturer for several reasons. This is to ensure that car seats do not stay in circulation over a long period of time. Over time technology improvements are added, standards are upgraded and ease-of-use features are introduced. In addition, the longer a car seat is in circulation, the higher the chance that it becomes compromised due to a crash incident, lost or broken parts and missing instructions.

A car seat and base must always be replaced if it has been involved in a vehicle crash. This is true even if there is no visible damage or defects to the car seat. A car seat with even minor damage may no longer be able to protect your infant or child in a future crash, so make sure to replace it with a new one whenever an accident occurs. We recommend contacting your vehicle insurance company regarding replacement of your car seat.

All Chicco car seats are tested to meet or exceed U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This includes crash testing as well as making sure each component meets all federal requirements for car seats.

In most instances, the middle rear seat is the safest place for your car seat. However, there are multiple factors to consider, the most important being a seat location that allows you to install your car seat correctly and works best for your family. For additional recommendations, go to

Car seats offer many features and options. Before making a purchase, decide which features are most important to your family. Most importantly, the car seat should be appropriate for your child’s height, weight and age. Other features to consider include easy-to-remove zip-off fabrics, UPF-rated canopies, no-rethread harnesses, air mesh or chemical-free fabrics.

LATCH installation and installation with the vehicle seat belt are both good options as long as you get a good, tight installation. Do not use both the vehicle seat belt and LATCH at the same time. For forward-facing, you should also use the top tether when possible. Consult your product manual to ensure that installation with LATCH is an option based on the child weight limit for LATCH use. You must also check your vehicle manual to confirm appropriate LATCH seating positions.

The Chicco KeyFit® 30 is a top-rated infant car seat with a long history of millions of users and positive consumer reviews. The Chicco KeyFit® 35 is the newest version of the KeyFit (released in 2020). The KeyFit® 35 accommodates baby's growth up to 35 lbs and 32" for extended rear-facing use (versus 30 lbs and 30" with the KeyFit® 30). In addition, the KeyFit® 35 provides adjustable head support with a no-rethread harness.

All infant car seats can be installed without a base.