Corso® Flex Convertible Stroller

Offering everything you need in a single stroller, the Corso® Flex Convertible Stroller expands to accommodate two children in multiple configurations by adding a second infant car seat or a second child seat. Whether you’re just starting your family and thinking ahead, or adding to your crew, Corso® Flex offers you flexibility for the future.

Find Your Flex

Choose your path below to find the Corso® Flex bundle that offers you the perfect configuration.
Chicco Corso Flex Single Bundle image
Single Looking for a stroller that offers lots of storage and room to grow?
Chicco Corso Flex Travel System Bundle image
Travel System Looking for a stroller & infant seat combo to get started?
Chicco Corso Flex Double Bundle image
Double Need a stroller that pulls double duty for an infant & a toddler?
Chicco Corso Flex Passenger Bundle image
Passenger Looking for a stroller for your little one that will also give your big kid a lift?
Chicco Corso Flex Twins Bundle image
Twins Welcoming two bundles of joy at the same time?

Corso Flex Convertible Stroller

The Corso® Flex Convertible Stroller offers everything you need in a single stroller while providing flexibility to grow with you in the future.