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Affordable Luxury Car Seats ...And so much more!

Chicco Infant Car Seat


Are you sitting down? According to a recent USDA report, that is the amount of money middle-income, married-couple parents can expect to spend on raising a child born in 2015. Still sitting down? That number doesn’t account for inflation OR the cost of a college education.


Nothing says “Welcome to Parenthood” like a quarter million-dollar expense! The reality is, while they’re completely worth it, kids can be expensive. That’s why at Chicco we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing affordable luxury baby gear. When you purchase a Chicco product, expect the utmost in safety and style, but at prices that won’t break the bank. As Goldilocks put it, our affordable luxury car seats and luxury strollers are juuuust right… for your style, lifestyle and budget.

An Italian Heartbeat

It all started over 60 years ago in Italy. Inventor and new father himself, Pietro Catelli, founded Chicco (pronounced “Kee Koh”) after the birth of his first son with a mission to create better solutions for parents and babies. Since then, Chicco has grown into a global brand with a presence in 120 countries, offering everything from baby gear to nursing, toys, apparel, shoes, and baby care products.

We're proud of our Italian heritage. It's where we get our name, our rich legacy of quality and innovation, and of course, our chic sense of style. Headquartered less than 30 miles from Milan—a fashion capital of the world—we at Chicco are dedicated to staying ahead of the design curve.

Trends: Find, Predict, Set

Our fashion team travels around the globe to track style trends and scout for new innovations in comfort, performance, and aesthetics, because we know that style is just as important as functionality when it comes to cool baby gear. A dedicated soft goods development and styling team relies on hundreds of resources to make Chicco a leader in fashion. Tradeshows, publications, seminars, and even auto shows serve as a source of inspiration, because you can’t provide affordable luxury car seats that fit your lifestyle without knowing the up-and-coming fabrics and trends of the auto industry.

“A Cut Above” the Competition

Our trend-setting fashions aren’t just about the looks though. We work collaboratively and strategically with our textile partners to provide a variety of customized, one-of-a-kind fabrics that not only look pretty, but enhance product performance as well. Think: soft plush on infant inserts, breathable mesh against sweaty backs, and durable wovens on stroller canopies. The quality is in the detail. Unlike many competitors that simply print designs on their fabrics, Chicco actually weaves the designs directly into the fabric.

Some of the most popular fabric types you’ll see (and feel) on Chicco products are:

  • Knits
    Knitted fabric is constructed with only one thread that is looped around itself. This construction creates fabrics that are inherently soft, breathable, and stretchy. You’ll find knits on a variety of Chicco products, but they are most commonly used on components that will be against your baby’s skin, such as car seats and infant inserts.

  • Wovens
    A woven fabric is created by interlacing at least two threads which can be crafted into countless patterns and colors. While wovens aren’t as stretchy and soft as knits, they are more durable and will hold their crisp shape on products such as playards and strollers.

  • Jacquards
    Jacquards are woven on specialized equipment for a super chic, high-end look like you’ve seen on designer handbags and home furnishings. The intricate designs are woven into the fabric itself, as opposed to being printed or embroidered on top, for a high quality, reversible design. You can find a signature Chicco jacquard in many of our fashion collections.

The bottom line is that we’re considerate of your bottom line without compromising safety and style. Affordable luxury car seats. Affordable luxury strollers. And so much more. Visit to find your next piece of cool baby gear.