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Travel System Simplicity: What It Is and Why You Need It

Congratulations, you’re expecting!

We aren’t the only ones that find that term ironic, are we? Because we know that when it’s your first baby, you may have no idea what to expect…and that’s ok! That’s why Chicco strives to make your pre-baby decisions stress-free and the first year of parenthood as easy as possible. Enter: the baby travel system.

Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Stroller

Travel System Basics

All travel systems from Chicco include two main components: (1) a stroller and (2) an infant car seat, which is comprised of a carrier for the infant and a base for the car. These items are key to getting baby safely from point A to point B for at least the first year of life. Designed for on-the-go convenience, the carrier clicks securely into both the base and the stroller, so no matter where you’re going or what method you’re using to get there, your little one can stay comfortable and undisturbed in the carrier as you travel. Then, as your baby grows and becomes more interested in their surroundings, buckle them directly into the stroller and sit them upright for a whole new world of exciting views for years to come!

Benefits of the Travel System

Purchasing the infant car seat and stroller as a travel system as opposed to individual pieces provides several benefits. First, it means fewer decisions to make during an already stressful time. Pregnancy is the beginning of a lifetime of decisions that you’ll make for your child. Chicco makes this one easy for you by pairing the top-rated KeyFit® and KeyFit® 30, and the versatile Fit2®, with an array of convenient and functional car seat friendly strollers.

Additionally, when you purchase a travel system from Chicco, you don’t have to worry about compatibility and piecing together parts from different manufacturers. All Chicco infant car seats are designed to click easily into almost all Chicco strollers, so there’s no need to purchase separate add-ons like adapters. You have the option to create your own car seat/stroller combo or choose one of our convenient and stylish travel system pairings.

One of the most convenient features of popular Chicco travel system strollers is a removable seat/fabrics (or no fabrics at all), which presents several benefits. In the beginning, when you’re using the stroller exclusively with the infant carrier, the stroller fabrics aren’t in use, so being able to remove them means less unnecessary weight. You’ll quickly realize that babies on the go require a lot of stuff, so the less weight to transport, the faster and easier it is for you to get where you’re going. Removable fabrics also equal cleaner fabrics. Store them in a safe place so they stay like-new until your little one is ready to sit directly in the stroller.

And last but certainly not least: safety. Parents and caregivers alike can trust that the safety of their little one is of the utmost importance to our product team. When you choose a travel system from Chicco, expect high-quality designs that are held to even higher standards. It’s also a point of reassurance to know that the car seats and strollers in Chicco travel systems have undergone regulatory testing for use together. These tests are designed to identify and resolve potential safety hazards like tipping or an unsecured connection.

Chicco Travel System Options

How do you know which travel system is best for your family? Chicco offers a variety of strollers to fit every lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking for a full-size stroller with all the bells and whistles of parent/child trays, extendable canopies, and adjustable push handles. Or perhaps portability is important to you. Choose a lightweight stroller or frame stroller to make everyday outings quick and easy. Use our stroller comparison tool or our Best Strollers: Buying Guide to help identify what features and benefits are important to you and find the perfect fit.

When it comes to parenting, simplicity is the name of the game. Start your journey off on the right foot with a Chicco travel system. You’ll save time, energy, and maybe even a little money!