Chicco Fit4 | Stage 2

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Do NOT use any other infant insert or pillows. Only use those provided by Chicco for this Child Restraint.

  • 1.Raise the Headrest to the highest position. Pull up on the Headrest Adjustment Tab on the top of the Child Restraint Headrest.
  • 2.Place the Stage 2 Positioner onto the seat. Pull the crotch strap and the adjustment strap through the correct openings on the seat pad.
  • 3.Tuck the Stage 2 Positioner under the Harness straps (a) and fasten lower snaps on both sides (b).
  • 4.Fold over the Stage 2 Positioner side section and insert the flap into the seat back side pocket then attach the snap, as shown. Repeat for the other side section flap and snap.
  • 5.Attach the elastic strap on the front of the Stage 2 Positioner, pull the elastic strap under the front edge of the seat bottom and loop it around both hooks.

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