OneFit Rear-Facing Harness

5-40 lbs

OneFit Rear Facing Harness Mode

OneFit provides extra rear-facing legroom for superior child comfort.

A removable head and body support insert accomodates newborns weighing 5-11 lbs.

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Rear-Facing Harness: Fit to Vehicle Guide

*for full details, refer to your instruction manual
  1. Place your OneFit Car Seat in Rear Facing Harness Mode1.Place your OneFit car seat rear-facing within an approved vehicle seating position
  2. OneFit Car Seat bubble leveling2.Determine the correct recline angle
  3. OneFit Car Seat SuperCinch3.Secure your OneFit to the vehicle using LATCH or vehicle belt
    *Check your work

Rear-Facing Harness: Fit to Child Guide

*for full details, refer to your instruction manual
  1. OneFit Car Seat Head and Body Support1.Ensure your OneFit is set-up correctly for rear-facing. The removable head & body support insert can be used for newborns weighing 5-11 lbs.
  2. OneFit Car Seat Positioning2.Loosen harness and position your INFANT correctly within seat
  3. OneFit Car Seat 5-point Harness3.Buckle and tighten 5-point harness
    *Check your work

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