Polly® Progress® 5-in-1

Space-Saving Multichair

The Polly® Progress® transforms as your baby grows: from Newborn Recliner, to Infant Highchair, to Toddler Booster, to Big Kid Booster, to Youth Stool.
Polly® Progress® Relax $269.99 Reclining seat Fold-away armrests Snap-on tray Removable tray liner Padded snap-on seat for stool Reversible insert for highchair Detachable toy bar for recliner

Multi-Function + Flexibility

Created in Italy for compact European kitchens, the Polly® Progress® is made for modern families who value efficiency and multi-functionality in a space-saving design.
Toddler Booster Highchair seat detaches from frame to create a booster
Big Kid Booster High-back booster converts to streamlined low back booster
Youth Stool Frame becomes a height-adjustable stool with snap-on seat

Chicco Polly Progress Demo

The Chicco Polly Progress Highchair featues demonstration