What is a double stroller?

How to choose a Double Stroller

Double strollers offer the ideal solution to secure two children while on the go. With two independent and adjustable canopies, you can decide how much shade and privacy each rider needs. Chicco double strollers provide multiple seating configurations, including the option to use your infant car seat in the stroller, ensuring that everyone gets a comfy, customized ride. Don’t forget the all-wheel suspension that comes with all of our double strollers for easy maneuvering and a quick-fold feature for storing. Start exploring double strollers at Chicco!

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Double Stroller Checklist

Maintain your growing family's mobility with a tandem, side-by-side, or sitting/standing double stroller built for two passengers
If your oldest is at least two-and-a-half, the BravoFor2® and Corso® Flex strollers have a bonus rear seat and standing platform for big brother or sister
If you're expecting twins, the Cortina® Together and Corso® Flex strollers accept two Chicco infant car seats
Strollers designed for two are naturally larger and somewhat heavier than strollers designed for one

Double Strollers - Frequently Asked Questions

Every airline is different regarding its policies on checked items, either at the service counter or at the gate. Depending on the size of the stroller it may need to be checked with your luggage and may incur additional fees. Be sure to check with your airline prior to your trip so you are prepared.

With twins or two little ones, a double stroller may be a necessity. A double stroller can help make it easier for family outings with tandem, side-by-side, or sitting/standing options built for two passengers. Because these strollers are designed for two, they are typically larger and heavier than a standard single stroller. Choose a double stroller that not only fits the needs of your family but that you can comfortably maneuver and fit into your vehicle.

A front-to-back double stroller is the more common of the two configurations. These strollers are not as wide so they don't present the same challenges as a side-by-side. The longer wheelbase of a front-to-back tandem may mean they're harder to steer. They're also usually larger when folded. The side-by-side tandem is easier to steer because it has a shorter wheelbase and often they are more compact when folded. But a side-by-side is nearly twice as wide as a single stroller and the extra width can present difficulties with doorways, aisles, and narrow spaces.

Most importantly, a double stroller should fit the needs of your family. If you are having twins the stroller should be able to accept two infant car seats. If you have a newborn and a toddler or older child, consider if you need a full seat for the toddler or just a standing/sitting option. Since a double stroller is much larger than a single stroller, also consider how it folds and if it will fit in your vehicle.

Strollers will typically have a maximum occupant weight limit, usually around 50 pounds per seat. A double stroller may have a weight limit per seat or a total limit for the stroller. The stroller can be used up to the recommended weight limits. Using the stroller with children over the listed weight will cause excessive wear and stress on the stroller.