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What are the rear-facing height and weight limits?
The Fit360 accommodates rear-facing newborns starting at 4 pounds with the use of the head and body insert. The head and body insert can be used until the child reaches 11 pounds. Your child should remain rear-facing in the Fit360 until they reach 40 pounds or 43 inches.

Do I have to uninstall the Fit360 to convert from rear-facing to forward-facing?
No, you do not have to uninstall the Fit360 base when you switch from rear-facing to forward-facing. When your child has maximized the rear-facing weight or height limits and you are ready to convert to forward-facing, simply rotate the seat into the forward-facing ready-to-ride position. You will also have to re-adjust the harness when you secure your child. The harness straps should be positioned at or above the child’s shoulders when in the forward-facing position.

What is LeverLock?
LeverLock self-tensioning lock-off system is an innovative, one-time installation method that offers superior stability with three points of contact for continuous use from rear-facing through forward-facing usage. When you close the LeverLock door, the vehicle belt is tightened in a way that eliminates any movement from front-to-back or side-to-side. This provides a secure installation with minimal effort. Learn more about LeverLock here.

How do I remove the seat to install the base?
To remove the seat from the base, squeeze one of the orange seat release handles on the side of the seat, then rotate the seat to the side. Locate the seat removal tool (attached to the end of the harness adjustment strap). Insert the seat removal tool into the seat lock release and press firmly until it clicks. Squeeze both release handles and lift the seat from the base; set seat aside.

Does the tether anchor have to be used?
Always use top tether when it is available in the vehicle. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for exact tether anchor locations and requirements.

Are the cup holders required?
No, the cup holders are not required to be used.

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