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Forward-Facing Usage

For children 25-65 lbs. and up to 49" tall.

For full details, refer to User Guide

Chicco Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car - Securing Child: Forward-Facing

Once your child is between 25-65 lbs. or over 43" tall, you will need to convert your Fit360 Convertible Car Seat to Forward-Facing mode. Learn how to correctly secure your child in this stage.

Securing Child: Forward-Facing

Secure Child: Forward-Facing

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Loosen 5-point harness, unbuckle crotch buckle and separate magnetic chest clip. Store buckle in harness pockets on side of seat.

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Place child into car seat and ensure child is positioned correctly with back flat against the backrest. Adjust headrest position to fit your child correctly.

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Buckle and tighten the 5-point harness. Harness straps should be positioned at or above the child’s shoulders. The chest clip should be at armpit level. To connect magnetic chest clip, simply hover top section over bottom section and listen for click.

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Rotate the seat to forward-facing position.

Check Ready-to-Ride Indicators

Chicco Fit360 Green Indicator image

GREEN shows the seat is locked into the base and is in a Ready-to-Ride position.

Chicco Fit360 Red Indicator image

RED shows the seat is not in the Ready-to-Ride position. Rotate the seat to rear-facing position.

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Now let’s take it for a spin!

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