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Install in Your Vehicle

To install the Fit360 in your vehicle, the seat must first be removed from the base.

Chicco Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car Seat - Installing with the Lap/Shoulder Vehicle belt

Learn how to correctly install the Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car Seat with the Lap/Shoulder Vehicle belt.

Installing with the Vehicle Belt

Remove Seat from Base

Chicco Fit360 remove seat from base image

Squeeze one of the orange seat release handles on the side of the seat, then rotate the seat to the side.

Chicco Fit360 locate seat tool image

Locate the seat removal tool (attached to the harness adjustment strap). Insert the seat removal tool into the seat lock release and press firmly until it clicks.

Chicco Fit360 lift seat from base image

Squeeze both release handles and lift the seat from the base; set seat aside.

Quick Tip: Always use top tether when available. Before placing the base in the vehicle, remove top tether from storage clip on the back of the base. You will attach the top tether later in the process.

LeverLock Base Install

Lap-Shoulder Vehicle Seat Belt Installation

Chicco Fit360 recline and level base image

Recline and level the base by lifting up on the recline adjustment handle and sliding the base forward or backward until the bubble in the bubble level falls between the lines.

Chicco Fit360 lift Lever Lock handle image

Lift up on the release handle at the top of the LeverLock door and open the door.

Chicco Fit360 routing seatbelt image

Route the vehicle seat belt behind the LeverLock door and across both belt paths, then buck the seat belt. The lap belt lays flat over the belt path on both sides and shoulder belt slides into shoulder belt path area opposite from the buckle.

Chicco Fit360 close door to locked position image

Remove belt slack and close door to locked position. Check installation.

Chicco Fit360 attach tether anchors in vehicle image

Locate tether anchors in your vehicle*. Attach tether hook to the anchor bar and pull strap tight.

*Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for exact tether anchor locations and requirements.

Attach Seat to Base

Chicco Fit360 attach car seat to base image

While holding the seat as shown, line up the seat bottom to the base and insert the seat until it clicks into position.

Chicco Fit360 hero image image

Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car Seat - Installing with LATCH

Learn how to correctly install the Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car Seat with LATCH.

Installing with LATCH

How easy was that!?

For instructions on how to install with LATCH, see the user guide.

Now, let’s get ready to ride!

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